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Publications & Financial Statements

financial report stockAnnual financial reports are necessary to achieve transparency and accountability to donors and the public. All charities issuing receipts, including the Foundation of Chatham-Kent Health Alliance, should produce them and make them easily accessible. They should be factual and accurate in all material respects.

The Audit and Finance Committee of the Board of Directors is responsible for monitoring and reporting to the Board of Directors with respect to all matters pertaining to the financial integrity of the Foundation.

The Foundation of Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Financial information included in the Annual Report and Financial Statements have been prepared by management in accordance with Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and are audited and signed by an independent accounting firm. The Foundation annual report and financial statements are available by contacting the Foundation or on our website.

Gifts can include cash, cheques, credit cards, securities, gifts-in-kind, and planned gifts such as bequests, life insurance and annuities.

Gift acceptance policies have been prepared by the Foundation and are in keeping with accepted accounting principles and Revenue Canada guidelines.

In order to be receipted, all arrangements for acceptance of gifts-in-kind must be made through the Foundation in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.

    2018 Financial Statement

    2017-2018 Community Report

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